Retailers price list

Retailers & repairers price list

Do you have a repair shop or smartphone accessories, are you a repairman, do you often buy spare parts or accessories for smartphones? Register on our site and send us an email asking us to be authorized to the reseller list, attaching a copy of your Chamber of Commerce registration, you will have access to all our discounted price list.

Once we receive your email, we will verify that all the requirements are met and you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives who (unless further documents / information are required) will inform you of the qualification as a reseller. From that moment it will be possible to consult the prices dedicated to you directly from our website

ITALYHITECH guarantees the maximum confidentiality of the data communicated. The information received may be used by ITALYHITECH, subject to your authorization, to send commercial communications, carry out customer satisfaction surveys, process sales statistics.

By registering on our site you will have the opportunity to also view discounts for multiple purchases, click below for more info.