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Rates of diagnosis and processing

your devices are diagnosed and repaired in order of arrival, almost all our repairs are returned within 2/3 hours and also the budget in 80% of cases is communicated to the customer at the time of taking over by the Italyhitech, the estimate will be communicated to the customer at a later date only in the case of interventions on the motherboard or if you do not know now the problem of your device, in any case, the budget is always free, even if the customer does not agree to carry the repair. In case the customer needs it provide us a replacement phone until the repair will not be completed.

Free quote

The cost estimate is always free, if the quote for the repair of your smartphone, tablet or PC is not accepted will not be asked money.
Most estimates will be announced at the time of delivery of your device Italyhitech, 80% of cases we will immediately tell you the cost of the repair votra since many problems are easy to diagnose, such as LCD broken, or malfunctioning microphone the speakers of the battery life issues, corrupted software. In some cases we should diagnose the device to understand the problem and carry out various tests in our laboratory with our technical equipment.
At Italyhitech also we carry data back-up, recovery of deleted data, configurations, reset, reset functions, operating systems optimizations.

Our Repair Services

ITALYHITECH specializes in the repair and assistance for:

Cell Phones & Smartphones iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG, ASUS, Alcatel, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, OnePlus, HTC, if there is a replacement we can give you assitance for any make and model.
Laptops & Tablets

Gripping Valet of home phone.

If you have no time or opportunity to take the device to our shop or if you do not live in Turin you can choose our pickup service at your home or office, by calling 0110566353, we send courier to pick the device throughout Italy and when we have finished the repair will resend back your device.


Italyhitech respects the privacy of all its customers and ensures that no data will ever be saved or sent outside of it used for other purposes.